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Zunda Towers

We provide fast processing of apartment purchase and rental transactions, and also a legal support.

The apartments and offices are fully ready to accommodate the new residents and entrepreneurs.

Find out more about the multifunctional complex Zunda Towers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pF20XGbaZnQ

For the first time after commissioning, eight exclusive apartments of different sizes are available for sale on the 19th floor of the Zunda Towers skyscraper in Pārdaugava. Until now, the high-rise building only offered apartments for rent, but now anyone interested can buy an apartment in the mixed-use building, including by paying with Bitcoin.

Currently, studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments are available, with the total area ranging from 36.4 square metres up to 105.4 square metres. Apartments have a ceiling height of at least 3 metres, with floor-to-ceiling windows that create an even greater sense of spaciousness. For added exclusivity, the 19th floor is the first to have a sea view.

All eight apartments are available with basic finish for free planning according to each client’s wishes. The load-bearing structure of the building has very little influence on the layout – for example, a 90 square metre apartment has only three columns. It is also very easy to combine apartments if necessary, giving even more options. It is also possible to open every second window frame in the apartments – a ventilation window – allowing fresh air into the apartment, which is quite rare for this type of building.

Zunda Towers contains business offices, residential apartments, and relaxation and cultural-event venues, as well as four-level underground parking and tailor-made services for its residents. The complex is located in Riga’s most central point – the spot where the urban energy of a 21st-century metropolis meets the history and traditions of an 800-year old European capital.

Thanks to the uniquely curving architecture, the elegant glass-fronted buildings are flooded with natural light. Moreover, the architectural solutions of the towers have been designed by setting a minimum threshold for daytime light intensity, thus promoting maximum exposure to daylight and excellent views within all premises of the buildings. The unique window opening system allows clean Baltic air to enter every level. The three-dimensional shape of the cylindrical facade was designed by world-renowned architect Helmut Jahn, and the interior and surrounding outdoor areas were designed by one of Latvia’s best architects – Andis Sīlis.

For optimal convenience and comfort of the complex tenants, our concierge service will be available 24 hours, where you can solve all questions related to accommodation and the provision

of all necessary at any time (24/7):

•Apartments cleaning,

•Apartments service in time of owners absence,

•Dry-cleaning service,

•Car rent,

•Taxi call,

•Luggage and purchases delivery,

•Products Order,


•Pet service,

•Home master.

Discover the first of its kind in the region mixed-use residential and office complex of the finest quality. Your private inspiring cityscape, an oasis for well-being beyond time and space. The place to be in one beat with the city to enjoy dynamic and enviable life.


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