A project of unique concept unprecedented not only in Latvia, but also in the Baltic States is being implemented in Jurmala, Bulduri – the first wellness residence, a residential complex “Muižas Nami” that will provide its residents with the conditions for a healthy, active and high-quality life. The project is implemented by its owner – company “Inbalans Group” in partnership with the exclusive real estate agency “Baltic Sotheby’s International Realty”.

This unique project was presented to a wider audience on June 11 in Jurmala, Dzintari Mezaparks, within the framework of the Global Wellness Day festival.


Stress is one of the main causes of health problems in the modern, dynamic world, so more and more people around the world start to appreciate the importance of taking care of their health in everyday life: a harmonious, healthy environment and atmosphere is becoming increasingly important, as well as food and water quality, and other things that affect our physical and emotional state. The said aspects are the foundation of global wellness development – one of the fastest growing industries in the world, which highlights active maintenance and improvement of health in all areas of our lives. Wellness development in the global industry also affects the real estate market, where the construction, architecture and design concepts are focused on the quality of life.

Project “Muižas Nami” complies with the latest global wellness traditions and is a new concept in the Baltic States – an apartment complex of the 21st century. It is located in Jurmala, Bulduri, Muizas Street 19, in the block between Riga and Rezekne pulka Streets, where the comfortable, elegant residences are designed focusing on human health, quality of life and promotion of well-being. The project is located nearby a pine park, organized urban infrastructure, and the sea is a ten-minute walk away. The complex consists of three buildings, where two buildings are restored wooden architectural monuments, while the third one is an example of modern architecture. Synthesis of the modern building and the wooden architecture of days gone creates a contemporary living environment.

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The idea of the project developer – multifunctional company “Inbalans Group”, which provides a full range of wellness and hospitality services – was to create the first residential complex Wellness Residence (Labsajūtas rezidence) in the Baltic States, where the residents would be provided with the conditions for a healthy, active and high-quality life. The buildings have been built using only certified building materials of the highest quality that are safe for human health. Special attention is paid to water quality by installing special water filters to eliminate harmful impurities. To ensure an active and healthy life, residents will be offered an outdoor gym, where they can indulge in physical activity to improve and take care of their health. Aromatic and colourful herbs and plants with healing properties will be cultivated on the premises of the complex, so that the residents and their children can get to know and use them, if necessary. Inbalans Comfort Zone Day Spa will be located in one of the buildings on the premises, where the residents will be offered services for the harmony of their body spirit, where spa treatments include a special philosophy and approach, and only ecologically pure oils, creams and other high-quality materials will be used there.

“To focus on people, their well-being – that is the main principle of our work. There is an old proverb that health is better than wealth, but, as it happens, healthy and happy people are truly wealthy. By starting the sales of “Muižas Nami” apartments, we are opening a new page in the book of “the quality of life in a well-thought-out environment”, where not only the quality of the building, construction and finishing materials, but also the quality of the environment and human comfort and health is of importance. We are honoured to be partners of such a project. We support the idea of a healthy lifestyle, and a harmonious environment helps to maintain it,” Līga Kohtanena, Sales Director of the exclusive real estate agency “Baltic Sotheby’s International Realty”, tells about the first wellness residence.

“We are happy to provide new opportunities for the residents and visitors of Latvia in partnership with “Baltic Sotheby’s International Realty” by promoting a healthy lifestyle and implementing the project “Muižas Nami”, as well as supporting a global event together – the Global Wellness Day, which directly complies with our business philosophy,” Vadims Sokolovs, Chairman of the Board of “Inbalans Group” comments.


About the Global Wellness Day and the festival:

The idea of an international holiday – the Global Wellness Day – was born 3 years ago in Turkey. This year, the event took place in 100 countries, including Latvia.
The motto of the Global Wellness Day is “One day can change your whole life!”, based on the manifesto – 7 steps to a happy life. The manifesto invites to do the following:
1) drink more water,
2) walk for an hour,
3) eat organic foods,
4) do not use plastic bottles,
5) do a good deed,
6) have a family dinner,
7) sleep at 10:00 PM.

The event in Jurmala was organized by Alla Sokolova – founder of the first international wellness centre “Balans” in Latvia and the ambassador of the Global Wellness Day in Latvia.
The festival was supported by Jurmala City Council and sponsors of the event: international company “Inbalans” in partnership with “Baltic Sotheby’s International Realty”, international wellness centre “Balans” and company “Purified”.