Buying property in Latvia

Below you can find find details regarding buying real estate in Latvia. Our guide includes a step-by-step process, a list of necessary documents to have ready before registering with the Land Book, and information on state fees for document preparation.

General information

  1. Determining the desired parameters (price, floor space, location, etc.);
  2. Visiting and selecting real estate properties;
  3. Legal analysis of the property – analysis of the property as an investment in real estate so as to prepare a temporary residency permit (if necessary);
  4. A down payment and/or a purchase and sale agreement, as well as the opening of a transaction account (if necessary);
  5. Submission of an application and other documents to the local government so as to ensure that a foreigner is allowed to purchase land (if necessary);
  6. Opening of a transaction account at a bank and transfer of the sum of the transaction (if necessary);
  7. Preparation of the application for registration of the ownership rights in the Land Book, doing so with the assistance of a sworn notary;
  8. Submission of documents to the Land Book so as to transfer ownership rights to the new owner of the real estate;
  9. Receipt of a confirmation of ownership rights from the Land Book after the transaction is registered and the ownership rights have been transferred to the new owner of the real estate;
  10. Preparation of a transfer and acceptance act as part of the purchase and sale agreement;
  11. Registration of a service agreement in the name of the new owner of the real estate.

Necessary documents for the Land Book

Please be aware that this information is of a general nature. Each situation is individual, and it may be that other documents will be needed.


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