How to sell?












Here you will find information about procedures related to the sale of real estate in the Republic of Latvia. The process is described step by step, and there is also a list of documents that must be prepared before a property can be sold.

General information

  1. Choosing a consultant
  2. Collecting basic information about the real estate property (parameters, layouts, images)
  3. Legal analysis of the real estate property
  4. Preparation of textual and visual information about the real estate property
  5. Posting of information in a database and other Internet resources related to real estate property
  6. Looking for clients
  7. Visiting real estate property with potential buyers
  8. Opening a transaction account at a bank (if necessary)
  9. Legal support for down payments and/or purchase and sale agreements
  10. Preparation of an act of transfer and acceptance as part of a purchase and sale agreement
  11. Registration of a service contract under the name of the new owner of the real estate

Documents needed in preparing to sell real estate

  1. A confirmation request for the Land Book;
  2. The purchase-sale agreement;
  3. The express agreement of a spouse for the sale of the property or confirmation that the property is individually owned by the seller;
  4. The express agreement of a third party to the sale of the property if the Land Book contains any encumbrances in favour of such a person;
  5. Authorisation or a notarised copy of authorisation if a person is signing documents on the basis of such authorisation.

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