KAIGAN VILLAS – modernas un energoefektīvas villas pie ezera

KAIGAN VILLAS – High-technology smart home

KAIGAN VILLAS is an exclusive project that meets the most elevated standards of contemporary living. Only a 15-minute drive away from Riga, KAIGAN VILLAS is located in Spuņciems, enclosed by two calming bodies of water – the river Lielupe and Babīte lake. The area can be described as a dreamy fusion between multiple natural landmarks, which create a soothing atmosphere to come home to – the lull currents of the river, the wind within the pine trees, and the absence of the city buzz.

KAIGAN VILLAS consists of 26 private homes which are spread across a large area of land, thus guaranteeing spaciousness, privacy and vastness equally to all the residents of the neighborhood. The project is constructed as an individual, autonomous territory with a separate water supply, sewage, and heating system, which runs on renewable energy sources. The integration of modern technology is a fundamental aspect of KAIGAN VILLAS, ensuring sustainability and utmost comfort. Every home within the village can be highlighted as a prime example of energy efficiency, striving towards a greener lifestyle through an innovative geothermal heating system, as well as an excellent roof, facade, and base insulation. Every home additionally features numerous state-of-the-art technologies, which, when linked to smart devices, allow residents to control temperature, privacy, lighting, and various other components of everyday life.

KAIGAN VILLAS can be characterized as minimal, visually perfected buildings that harmoniously complement the gorgeous surrounding nature. The adjacent UNESCO-protected ecological landscapes of Babīte lake have not only inspired the exquisite private homes, but also the refined design of private gardens and common areas. The center of the contemporary village is consumed by a tranquil pond, and every home is constructed on varying levels of land to ensure that every resident can view the picturesque Babīte lake from their window. Nature truly dominates the entirety of the village, with both the residential homes and shared areas dispersed with well-kept bushes, trees, and lawns. Thus, the abundance of environmental values maintains a distance between the buildings and provides a pleasant sense of seclusion and privacy. Even the roofs of KAIGAN VILLAS are permeated with grass, highlighting the project as a unique project that deeply values synergy between high-end technology and respecting nature’s values.

Minimalist homes feature deeply precise interior design, which introduces maximum comfort and aesthetic enjoyment to the residents’ everyday life. KAIGAN VILLAS consists of three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a technical and utility room, an anteroom, and a combined kitchen and living room area with windows facing the private garden. The windows, doors, and plumbing are designed according to the highest quality standards, ensuring functional, long-lasting interior elements.

Only a 15-minute drive away from Riga and Jurmala, KAIGAN VILLAS is the ideal residence for those whose professional duties require presence in the bustling city, but wish to pass their evenings in serene surroundings – where daily troubles disappear within the peaceful treetops and rippling waters.


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