Jelgavas novads, Elejas pagasts, Novadnieki Robežnieki

A magnificent home on the border of Lithuania


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964 000 m2
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A massive territory surrounded by dense forests, four majestic buildings adorned with hunting-inspired elements, as well as a charming lake- the “Novadnieki-Robežnieki” estate is perfect for hunting and true nature enthusiasts. The entire territory of the property consists of a whopping 96,4 hectares and is located in Jelgava county, Eleja parish, just a few kilometers away from the Latvian-Lithuanian border.
When entering the “Novadnieki-Robežnieki” territory, a large parking lot and four majestic buildings, connected by paved paths, arise in the middle of a green field. The first building that meets the eye is the dwelling house, a stunning 378,5-square-meter home that features a truly particular element- a pointy tower that creates the impression of glamour and opulence. The interior design maintains this luxurious atmosphere, incorporating such elements as lush chandeliers, ornamented beds, and sofas, covered in detailed fabrics. In addition to its glamorous aura, the essence of the home is also dominated by hunting-inspired characteristics. The walls are covered in taxidermy pieces, such as moose and goats, the most impressive of which is undoubtedly the massive body of a bear that stands proudly in the living room.
When exiting the dwelling house, a paved path connects the home to its relaxing neighboring building- the sauna. The sauna is equipped with kitchen appliances, showers, a cozy table, and chairs, creating the perfect atmosphere for unwinding with your family or within a close group of friends. The estate additionally includes two buildings for farming purposes- a 261,3 square meter building that serves as a warehouse, as well as a garage. Lastly, a great privilege of the property is also the large horse stall and the soothing pond, which provides for an incredible swim after the blazing hot sauna.
Enveloped by a lush forest, the enormous territory of “Novadnieki-Robežnieki” will undeniably provide hunting, idyllic and harmonious living standards amid nature, all while offering utmost comfort and functionality within the modern dwelling house and the practical adjacent buildings.
A land lease agreement is in force until 11 February 2030 for 212.07 ha of adjacent state-owned land. The purpose of use of the land is keeping, breeding and captive use of red deer and other herbivores in fenced areas. The entire area is landscaped and equipped with the necessary facilities for the keeping of deer and other animals. At present, the total number of fallow deer and stag deer in the area is approximately 300-400.


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