On 22 July any interested persons were invited to the presentation of the first fully reconstructed building of the future wellness residence “Muižas Nami” in Jurmala, Bulduri, during which the potential buyers could view the three fully furnished apartments and experience for themselves the special aura of this unique project.

A project of a unique concept unprecedented not only in Latvia, but also in the Baltic States is being implemented in Jurmala, Bulduri, 19 Muizas Street, in the district between Rigas Street and Rezeknes Pulka Street: the first wellness residence, residential complex “Muižas Nami” where the comfortable, elegant residences are designed focusing on human health, quality of life and promotion of well-being. The complex consists of three buildings, where two buildings are restored wooden architectural monuments, while the third one is an example of modern architecture. Synthesis of the modern building and the wooden architecture of days gone creates a contemporary living environment. “Muižas Nami” residences consist of 20 apartments of 57 to 126 square meters for the price 3630 EUR/m². The project – wellness residences “Muižas Nami” is implemented by its owner – “Inbalans Group” company, which has invested approximately 4 million Euro in the project, in cooperation with the exclusive real estate agency “Baltic Sotheby’s International Realty”. The contractor, who performs construction works of the residences, is SIA (limited liability company) “Casa Construction”. “Muižas Nami” project is expected to be completed in October – November 2016.

The attendees of the festive event were invited to acquaint themselves with the restored brick red wooden building so characteristic of Jurmala. Only the highest quality ecological building materials safe for human health are used in it. The guests took a tour of the restored building and viewed the three fully furnished demo apartments, two of which are located on the first floor, and the third – a two-level apartment – on the second floor. The first restored building will house the interactive Wellness Concept Store the only one of the kind in Latvia, though popular in USA and Europe, available to the residents of the buildings and other interested parties as well. It includes Super Food Bar and Comfort Zone Beauty Corner and offers the most innovative products and services aimed at achieving harmony of human body and mind, told the author of the idea Alla Sokolova (Alla Sokolova). Inbalans Comfort Zone Day Spa will make its services available here. Spa treatments include a special philosophy and approach, and only ecologically pure oils, creams and other high-quality materials will be used there.The view of the yard allows one already to imagine outdoor training devices, available to the residents of the buildings for activities aimed at improving and maintaining their health and an active and healthy lifestyle. Aromatic and colourful herbs and plants with healing properties will be cultivated on the premises of the complex intended for use by the residents and their children.

In her address to guests of “Muižas Nami” “Baltic Sotheby`s International Realty” Sales Director Liga Kohtanena (Līga Kohtanena) reminded them that just a few years ago this location had a degraded environment and praised the project developer“Inbalans Group” company: “We are happy to see a rebirth of the former glory of Jurmala town: its beautiful houses, and about the existence of such enterprising people who improve the environment in general and offer the potential inhabitants of Jurmala this place which allows to recuperate from the stressful everyday life by means of a healthy lifestyle in a harmonious environment. We are honoured to participate as partners in this project.”

The guests of “Muižas Nami” presentation were offered healthy refreshments prepared under the supervision of the chef and founder of “EcoCatering” Rihards Fridenbergs (Rihards Frīdenbergs). Healthy smoothies could be prepared using the bike blender invented by husband of “Aquafit Studio” representative Jelena Silova (Jeļena Šilova), and one could try out the  Roliball game very popular in the East, based on Qigong system, offered by the “Balans-Roliball” specialist of the wellness centre.

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About wellness idea:

Stress is one of the main causes of health problems in the modern, dynamic world, so more and more people around the world start to appreciate the importance of taking care of their health in everyday life: a harmonious, healthy environment and atmosphere is becoming increasingly important, as well as food and water quality, and other things that affect our physical and emotional state. The said aspects are the foundation of global wellness development – one of the fastest growing industries in the world, which highlights active maintenance and improvement of health in all areas of our lives. Wellness development in the global industry also affects the real estate market, where the construction, architecture and design concepts are focused on the quality of life.

More information about “Muižas Nami” project is available here.