Sales Associate


Mārtiņš has been working within the field of real estate since 2006, building a career that he not only considers his day-to-day vocation but also a thrilling hobby. Inspired by design, visually striking properties, and grandiose architecture, Mārtiņš is drawn to real estate particularly, as the area of expertise presents unprecedented challenges and enticing opportunities, thus guaranteeing a dynamic rhythm of life.

Mārtiņš’s impeccable quality of services has led to a continuous increase in the number of transactions, with the cumulative value currently surpassing one hundred million euros.

Mārtiņš’s primary source of motivation, which incessantly spurs him to strive for new heights of success, is the belief that each day must be lived to attain a sense of fulfillment about your accomplished work. Honest, genuine, and empathetic, Mārtiņš believes finding harmonious, cohesive communication with clients is at the essence of being an accomplished real estate agent.

Languages: Latvian, Russian, English.