To live in a modern dwelling, which corresponds to the highest class of comfort, where world class designers have taken care of each detail, sense and overall aura of building, – these are facilities offered by the most refined apartments in the Baltic states, where a charming panoramic view opens from windows and terraces.

The spaciousness which allows thoughts and feelings to fly higher above daily concerns, harmony in the design and layout of apartments, colours playing in refined design items and natural material finish, wide terraces where in the morning one can feel how the city is waking up slowly at one’s feet, first sunlight falls on nearby legendary roofs of buildings and bells of the nearby church ring the first morning hour with dignity… Such are the apartments we offer to explore closer!

Three beautiful, elegant and refined apartments in the Baltic states, from which a picturesque panoramic view at the nearby churches reveals:

At the centre of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, on Gediminas Avenue alongside the Cathedral Square luxury apartments with a large terrace are situated. The artistically created interior of the apartment gives warm and cosy atmosphere, at the same time expressing flawless taste, quality and refinement. The space design of the refined apartments is suitable for spending time with family and inviting guests, for work and relaxation. The guest room and kitchen area on two levels is created according to open plan design.  Three bedrooms are furnished in the apartments, also a space for home office is provided: a work area for dealing with business issues, as well as comfortable and well-considered premises for storage of various things. The apartment is situated on the upper floor of building and its layout and design gives complete sense of spaciousness. For example, in the unique, glazed 20 m² atrium room ceiling reaches even 6 meters height, whereas windows and the terrace of the apartment offer the most beautiful view over the old town: The Vilnius Cathedral church and roofs of Gediminas Palace spread out before you! The apartments also have a wine cellar, which is integrated in the overall interior by using modern solutions, and provides a contemporary and original accent. Autonomous gas heating ensures extra comfort. The unique apartment in the heart of Vilnius Old Town will be perfectly suitable for those who set the highest standards for their life. Read more.

2016.01.12_Lietuva_Dzivoklis_ar_skatu_uz_baznicu_1 2016.01.12_Lietuva_Dzivoklis_ar_skatu_uz_baznicu_2

The effective façade of the elegant, highest class comfort premium class apartment building Club Central Residence” in Riga, Baznīcas Street, is harmonized with the aesthetic dynamics of Baznīcas Street, and it plays harmoniously with the nearby situated St. Gertrude Church, art nouveau buildings and the new eclectic building. A special accent of the building is its bay window, which is designed as a reflective, dark, monochrome volume with an accent put on the texture and ornaments. The fully equipped four-room apartment with an area of 120 m² is situated on the penultimate 6th floor. From the 13.4  m² terrace opens an amazing view at the nearby historical building and St. Gertrude Church, and over the lively city centre of Riga.  The apartment layout is cosy and comfortable, silver grey colour tones are used in silk wallpapers, light fixtures and accessories, whereas brightness is ensured by gilded and bronze details, which reflect in mirror surfaces. For harmonic balance – warmth of wooden floor. A lot of light and contemporary amenities can be found in the studio type guest room, which is created according to open plan design with cosy area for inviting guests, which is ”living” in harmony with the ultramodern and equipped following the world’s latest technologies, ergonomic ”Valcucine Artematica” kitchen, where all unnecessary things can be hidden behind a sliding panel. In bedrooms one can find carefully selected pastel coloured accessories, and walls are covered with elegant silk wallpapers. Qualitative sleeping is ensured by beds with ergonomic ”TRECA” bed mattresses, which are created from natural materials: silk, cotton, cashmere. In bathrooms, the natural stone floors and embossed tiles are supplemented by high-quality plumbing fixtures. The extended shape entrance hall is spectacularly enlarged by voluminous bronze shading mirror panels with a spacious closet behind them. In the apartment there is also a wardrobe, designed by the Italian architect Antonio Citterio, with a patented door opening system – ”Backstage”: the interior finish of wardrobe is made from high-quality leather, and each detail has its own specifically designed place: starting from accessories to even shelf lighting.
Club Central Residence” apartments are waiting for those potential inhabitants for whom it is important to live in harmony with the city and, at the same time, respect privacy and peace, and people who are looking for the best quality and implement in their life the highest standards of residential premises for a reasonable price. Read more.

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In the heart of the Old Town of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia – the Town Hall Square, where the entire social life of the city flows together and which is surrounded by refined restaurants, bars and boutique-like stores, a fully furnished, stylish 197.2 m² apartment is situated. Apartments which are located on the upper 5th floor of the building, are arranged on two floors. The comfort and modernity of the dwelling has been taken care of by the interior designer, who has been able to find an application for each square meter of the apartments, taking into consideration the unique design, and also by using niches has created comfortable, usefully available additional rooms. On the first floor of the apartment kitchen and guest room is combined with an open plan design. From the guest room and hall, as well as from the open area created on the second floor one can enjoy a view at the Town Hall Square.  Two bedrooms are situated on the second floor, each of them having a separate bath and shower room. The largest bedroom is designed together with a bath complex, and it has an entrance to a 20 m² terrace. This stylish apartment will be perfectly suitable for those who highly appreciate modernity skilfully combined with the historical, and who like a dynamic, but, at the same time, harmonious living environment. Read more.

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