Sales Associate


Extensive work experience and developed competences in the field of legal, public relations, as well as management allows Ramona Simona Baltre to work for Latvia Sotheby’s International Realty as a professional manager of real estate transactions. Also, several higher educations – management, public relations, jurisprudence and pedagogy – give Ramona Simona a broader vision of situations and find the most effective solutions to them. High communication practices allows to build long-term lasting relationships with customers.

“Each customer’s wishes are special! I am motivated and driven by the feeling that I can help and be present in fulfilling people’s dreams. Because the dream of buying property in people’s lives is for the most part a big, significant and lasting event.”

Ramona Simona is a collaboration and result oriented personality and she appreciates the qualities of Latvia Sotheby’s International Realty – elegance, comfort, luxury and exclusivity, as well as a high level of services provided.

Languages: Latvian, English, Russian.